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      Club members only networking events

      Chef Table

      Members with Executive Chef to develop theme restaurant, dinner for friends of friends or children offers parents and elders. "Making a meal for mother"

      Macallan whisky night

      Jointly by the King of the world famous McAllen McAllen, for members to provide a Visual, gustatory, auditory feast.

      Hennessy's night

      By XO Hennessy collaboration with river Pearl, provides members with river views, XO, cuisine night.

      Cuban cigar night

      Provides members with handmade cigar tasting, River enjoy cultural performances, feel the integration and convergence of tradition and modernity.

      Night of luxury goods

      Cartier, Hermès, Chanel plate tasting, brand story, concept, maintenance, appreciation dinner.

      Jewelry night

      Invite engagement jewelry brand, provides members with the jewelry appraisal, communication, exchange of the night.

      Watch Night

      Watch appraisal and investment collaboration with renowned private customized watches, dinner, and directions for Member watches knowledge.

      Yacht Night

      Boat members interested to provide boat brands and a bridge to spread yacht lifestyle and attitude.

      Private Board

      Membership Manager, according to the financial, real estate, industrial, scientific and technological sectors, targeted offers the industry's leading figures, and members ' yachts in face to face communication, Exchange, collision value spark capital fission.

      Membership Evens 

      According to the events, new Member, invite members, business, communication, enhancing trust.

      Gallery Life

      Invite well-known art master, master exhibition provides members with opportunities to master face to face, and art appraisal of value and investment.

      Enjoy Life

      Incense road, Hong Kong Association, tasting sweet road knowledge and good health.


      Zen tea, provides members with appreciation of tea, BREW tea culture of investment and a series of information.


      Offers masters provides floral arrangements on a regular basis teaching, art and life.


      Provided for female members in the river Pearl Yacht Club painting activities, art from the hand of the Member, with pride and satisfaction.

      Celebrity Image custom Salon

      Female images, designs, mix, taste and a series of activities, provide a lift to female members, the opportunity to communicate.


      Yoga 360 degree high oxygen services

      Hiring senior yoga instructors regularly offer Yoga services


      Employ meditation teacher for the members to extract the heart and regulating services.

      TCM health

      Sitting here on a regular basis clinic practitioners provide health services for their members.

      Intimate relationships

      Offer family psychology teacher, provides members with advisory and consulting services dealing with family management.

      Wine Dinner

      World famous wineries wine tasting the farmhouse, communication, Exchange and investment, European vineyards tasting.

      Night of Perrier jouet champagne

      Perrier jouet champagne and fusion of the river Pearl yachts, champagne and flowers by docks.

      Owner Night

      Yacht owner of feast, invite owners to yacht theme, common holiday, meals, activities, owner circle layer is formed.

      JJZ concert

      Through the concert form, providing music for members and their families, the opportunity to communicate. (Piano, traditional musical instruments and Orchestra)

      Enjoy Member

      Redirect invitations, enter member companies to communicate and enhance trust and cooperation among its members.

      Custom Tours Butler

      As a member, family private customized tours, to build communication channels between members and members, through travel and study and enhance business opportunities.

      Butler service in abroad

      Members abroad, migration, study abroad and other customized services.

      JJZ Golf

      JJZ Yacht Club golf team, Sorority members participating Member of interaction, of formation in the service.

      JJZ Sailing

      Pearl sailing in the River, provides members with knowledge of sailing, training, competition, team building activities and content.

      Financier Club

      Pacific Century CyberWorks and river Pearl Yacht Club provides members with an opportunity to financial circles, monthly financial Club member communication ventures, projects and so on.
      Jiangmen youth elite meetingJiangmen, Guangdong Province, and the young elite organization for young elite to provide a common communication, integration, and social opportunities.

      Pool Side Party

      Member in the summer swimming pool activities, nature of the activity of various themes, music, Festival, party-oriented.

      Car Night

      With BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Bentley, cars such as Ferrari cooperation meeting, people, boats, car blend, build quality life.

      Sea Charity Night

      For the love of the sea power, through force, spreading love, so that more children feel the allure of the seas.

      Swimming Party

      Summer swimming pool activities, gastronomy, music, swimming pool.

      Bali World Food Festival

      Culinary tour of the world, from different cuisines of the world, and allows members to feel the world culinary tour.

      Christmas Party

      Members of the Christmas theme party

      Valentine's Day Party

      Valentine's theme party

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